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Shortly you are going to lose access to the vast majority of our public lands: mountains, streams, bridges, roads, lake, paradise bigger than most nations. Legislation, Natural Resource Road Act is slated to be passed mid September in the BC by Steve Thomson, Forests, Lands and Natural Resource restricting access to the outback by the Public. An army of loggers, towns, ranchers, adventure tourism operators, miners and oil companies demand control of our roads to lock us out of our province, 91% of the land surface of BC. Shortly we will never be able to see or enjoy the land we OWN, except through the control of these people.

These private entities feel entitlement for to the care and control of this land, for their profit at the expense of our liberty simply because they SAY they will assume responsibility for it, what ever that means.

Public, this land is your land, my land, our land. We paid for this land in blood and coin in full. We pay for the roads the infrastructure around these great bodies of geography, and defend it with our people and our purse. 

This Body of land is the size of many nations where their people have fought to death against lesser laws. The Minister appears he is doing you a favour by off loading the care and control of the 450,000 K of industrial road throughout this great land mass. In 1700 the black man sold brother into slavery for coin. In the 1800 the natives sold their land in exchange for coin and the protection and the safety of the dirty reservers that blight our country today.

Similarly, our provincial government is delivering you into recreational reserves forcing you off of land you already own. Not only must this legislation be stopped, we must establish Public Access Rights such that this can NEVER happen again. Please, come forward and join in a fight for a right of public vehicular access to the full breadth of and width of the lands we own. If you are young, old, immigrant, whatever, you must come forward now. We have only seven months.

A public meeting will be arranged to organize a fight . We have only seven months to organize a defence against this army attacking your freedom to move. If we fail, you and your children will forever be restricted within the confines of pavement, tolling gates, no trespassing signs, and dirty little state parks you pay for as in the United States.
As a member of the newly formed Public Access Coalition of BC, I stand for a non extinguishable right of public access to BC resource roads, trails and track on crown lands, wherever they may be within BC.

We need you to letter write, social network, protest, donate.

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