Articles / Constitution

Articles (interim) January 18, 2012

Public Access Coaltion of B.C.

Objectives of each member:

Whereas I, with every taxpaying citizen of British Columbia has:

1) Paid by way of taxes and the blood of his forefathers for the care of our Crown lands, more particularly the development of British Columbia Resource road network.

2) Paid taxes servicing the provincial debt interest and principal, this incurred for past resource road development,

3) Paid taxes to build infrastructure AROUND crown lands to service same crown lands, and provided the labour, social services network, public works to service that infrastructure which industry must have to extract resource from the crown lands.

4) been collectively guaranteeing the government debts, currency, and national banks,

5) Paid by virtue of no royalty (stumpage) on natural resource road allowance timber, petroleum tax credit, and other forgiveness granted to resource extraction entities such as logging, grazing, recreational enterprises petition that I together with my fellow taxpayers have an EARNED share and am CO-OWNER in said land, entitled to pre eminent non extinguishable right of public vehicular thoroughfare, and freedom to move.

Right to Risk:

I must have the right to enjoy the benefit of risk, as well as the liabilities, such
that no government act can control my right to move on Crown land except for good and common cause.

In so far as every operator of any industrial machine must by W.C. B. law maintain safe care and control of a vehicle or machine in his control, the public has a right to enjoy any commensurate risk of accident that may occur, without compensation or right to sue.

Whereas, in times of war, we have been forced to risk his/her life, we have earned the right to assume risk without liability to the crown.

Whereas for due reason by way of immediate industrial process, tree felling for example, where access to crown space be temporarily restrained, a citizen has a right of public thoroughfare to non affected crown land beyond as priority. For example, a recreational tenure holder cannot obstruct access to a road or ATV through a tenure to back country without good reason. Good Reason to be legislated.

Whereas there is no legal “rights”, supporting objectives, the undersigned

1) to work to attain aforementioned right of public Access , vehicular and by foot, to all crown land, including rivers, lakes, mountains, tree farm licences, wood lot license, grazing land under tenure, oil & gas lease,

2) To obey all laws of the Land and also change applicable law by due process.

3) DONATIONS and TRUST MONEY: To acknowledge monetary contribution he/she gives will be handled in trust, accounted for by generally accepted accounting practices of chartered accountant. Any moneys so received will be contributed solely to the direct expenses until due process is agreed. This clause is personally guaranteed by Rocky Ehlers and his affiliated corporate assets where Rocky Ehlers will not receive any proceeds whatsoever.

4) At the earliest convenience, work to assemble a Charter and constitution with articles to a Non Profit Organization according to the Roberts Rule of Order,

5) NOT to participate in gate removal or road re-activation except with due process of law. Southern Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland and many BC Interior resource access roads are gated.

6) To work with Rocky Ehlers and other members to establish a constitution to deal with the Natural Resource Road Act and other public access issues as may be agreed on by consensus of the membership.

7) To abide by the articles after the official adoption of a Coalition Constitution.


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